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Modi & Hitler, both guilty of genocide By Senator Rehman Malik

It was a bright day when I visited the city of Linz in Austria where I drove specially to see the birth place of Adolf Hitler. I went to his village where I saw a brick house consisting of two to three rooms, now lying vacant. I spent two days in that village’s nearby motel to study the history of this mass killer in the background of his childhood.
According to some very old people of his time who had seen his childhood he was a boy who spent most of his time in the nearby bar fighting. He was completely deprived of feelings, in revenge for the poverty that his family had seen and he had suffered. He was born fourth to six children, but the death of his siblings among which only a sister named Paula lived, made him isolated, introvert and lonely. He moved out of his village and went to Linz, a beautiful city which is not far from the lake, and then how he became Hitler is a matter of history.
During World-War I, he developed interest in politics shaping the Nazi ideology in his mind, so he applied to serve in the German army. He was accepted in August 1914 and deployed in October 1914 to Belgium. Hitler served throughout the Great War and won two decorations for bravery, including the rare Iron Cross First Class, which he wore to the end of his life.
He was basically born to be a cruel man that is why he gravitated towards the army while Modi also moved to an RSS terrorist center whereas his family wanted him to pursue his family life, but he chose to become a militant /extremist. After the war, Hitler joined politics and there he discovered his ability and command over debates, and speeches because his speeches were powerful and people believed what he said. Hitler joined the Nazi party and soon became its leader, whereas Modi left RSS and became the leader of BJP. Hitler promised Germany that if he became a leader, he would restore Germany to greatness in Europe.
In 1933 he was elected Chancellor of Germany, after that, there was nothing that could stop Hitler. On the other hand, Modi has given the commitment to RSS that he would convert India into Hindu state and promote Hindutva in the country. He had studied his ideal, Benito Mussolini of Italy, about how to install a fascist government and become a dictator, soon Hitler was dictator of Germany from where he engineered the World War II and what he did is known the Holocaust today.
Modi has quite the same past and personality traits as those of Hitler. Having being born in the deprived class the feelings of vengeance are quite similar between both which are fully unfolding with Modi’s actions. Modi picked the ideology of Nazis and replicated the same in the form of training with RSS militants. Hitler began with his slogan “Heil Hitler” with raised hands, whereas Modi started with the slogan “Jai Hindutva”.
I have discussed this in detail in my book “Modi’s War doctrine”. Modi butchered Muslims in Gujrat followed by Kashmir and now in Delhi, he reflects that same mindset.
Nazi’s Massacre of Jews in Europe by Hitler ended with killing of almost 6 million Jews in World War II. Additional feature introduced by Modi against Muslims through proxy wars is as under where you see the hand of Modi from childhood. Internal conflict in Myanmar 1948–present – he supported Aung San Suu Kyi, Sri Lankan Tamil Insurrection 1983–2009 – RSS was used, Baluchistan conflict 1948–present and RSS mindset with Mukti Bahani model and the Internal Conflict of Chittagong Hills was created by Indian RAW and Modi. In the Nepalese Civil War 1996-2006 RSS activists were used. Now Modi, the symbolic son of Hitler is doing all that Hitler did to butcher people. Under consideration of the Modi’s barbarism in Gujarat (2002), Kashmir and now in Delhi, the world is now feeling the existence of Adolf Hitler after witnessing the unsettling similarities between BJP’s Modi and Nazi Party’s Hitler.
Hitler’s Anti-Jews agendas and the violent stances led him towards the bloodshed of hundreds and thousands of Jews shook the world, in the same way, Narendra Modi implemented a similar stance against Muslims and the world has witnessed the Anti-Muslim upholdings in Gujrat, Kashmir and now in Delhi. During World War II, the military branch of the Nazi Party named Waffen-SS fought along with the German Army to provide them a strong support system. Similarly, Rashthiya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) extended its meaningful support to Indian Army in 1971 against Pakistan and also when the Sino-Indian war was being fought.
The similarities don’t end here. The Nazis wanted to eradicate the Jewish people while the BJP wants to get rid of Muslims. Hitler’s “Greater Germany” and Modi’s “Akhand Bharat” – Greater India, are the ones relating to their vicious criminal activities. The representation of Hitler’s Nazi Party and Modi’s BJP is also based on the same swastika symbols followed by the same lining patterns which make people wonder about the roots of their alliances. Both the party leaders Adolf Hitler and Narendra Modi even share the same gestures for salutation with bent hand, kept on the chest and tightly straight.
By the magnitude of killings, Nazis killed millions of Jews whereas BJP killed thousands of Muslims where the Nazis were racial/ethnic-based and BJP/RSS are religious-based. While Hitler had taken over much of Europe by 1944, the allies fought back and Germany was on the verge of defeat. Hitler couldn’t watch himself losing, so he holed up in a bunker under his headquarters in Berlin where he committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule and shot himself in the head on 30th April 1945. Similarly, Modi has expressed in a few of his speeches that he had come with three cloths and hence he will go back in three-piece of cloths. He perhaps is hinting towards his unnatural death as there is a group of people within RSS including his Home Minister wants to replace him as the leader and as PM and he might meet the same fate as Hitler.

Source : https://nation.com.pk/07-Mar-2020/modi-hitler-both-guilty-of-genocide?fbclid=IwAR0qY4uoOqKUVkNzkthV7D02dZpq467sRT7dRQ3hgKeYvI9kUSehNUqztz4

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