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Modi’s War-mongering | Editorial

PAKISTAN’S apprehensions that India might embark upon some misadventure, which were not without reason, are further strengthened by latest threats hurled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has boasted that in case of war it will take more than a week to ten days for his troops to defeat Pakistan. In a strongly worded rejoinder, Pakistan Foreign Office has promptly condemned war-mongering by Modi telling him not to forget the lesson his forces got after their aggression in Balakot.
India is grossly mistaken in under-estimating the will and resolve of people of Pakistan and their defence forces to defend every inch of their motherland. They proved this during over seven decades of their independent history and are willing to make every sacrifice to thwart aggressive designs of the enemy. Foreign Office spokesperson has rightly pointed out that Pakistan’s immediate and effective response to India’s Balakot misadventure, including the downing of Indian fighter aircraft and capture of Indian pilot last year, should suffice to underscore the will, capacity and preparedness of our armed forces. However, despite all this India is continuing with its belligerent statements despite restraints by Pakistan to such provocations. Pakistan has all along been trying not to raise the ante but it doesn’t mean it cannot and should not go for all out measures to safeguard its independence and sovereignty. Indian Prime Minister’s jingoistic remarks cannot be ignored as these were not uttered during an election rally for domestic consumption but during an address to a military ceremony where every word is supposed to have been chosen with care. The statement was the latest in a series of hostile comments against Pakistan by the Indian leadership. Earlier this month, Indian army chief Gen Manoj Mukund Narvane while addressing his first press conference in Delhi after assuming charge claimed that Indian troops could also occupy Azad Kashmir if the Indian Parliament mandated their army to do so. It was because of India’s aggressive posture and hurling of repeated threats that Pakistan has drawn attention of the international community, time and again, about possibility of any misadventure by India. Such fears have also been expressed by some Indian politicians and political parties and, therefore, need to be taken seriously. The threat of such a misadventure has increased because of aggravating India’s domestic situation as protests against the controversial Indian citizenship law and National Register of Citizens have spread across the country and there is wider international condemnation. On the other hand, Occupied Kashmir has been under worst type of curfew and lockdown since 05 August when Modi Government scrapped special status of the territory and annexed it illegally. Kashmiris have not reconciled with Indian designs and are determined to go to any extent to realize their birth right of self-determination. Indian attempts to present all “OK” scenario in Occupied Kashmir to the outside world have miserably failed as was evident from its unproductive initiative of conducting arranged visits of the diplomats to the region and the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that foreign parliaments are now debating the plight of Kashmiris and condemning human rights violations. Therefore, in a bid to get the pressure relieved, India may initiate a conflict to divert the world attention from its internal crisis over Citizenship Law and worst type of security situation in Occupied Kashmir. Strategists say in the backdrop of wide and sharp reaction to anti-Muslim citizenship law, a slowing economy and the prospect of losing the latest in a string of state elections in New Delhi next month, Indian Government might go for aggression against Pakistan. However, such a misadventure would surely evoke a befitting response from Pakistan shattering dream of Modi to conquer Pakistan in one week to ten days. It was because of such mindset of Indian leaders and planners in New Delhi that Pakistan was forced to go for nuclear option to ensure effective deterrence against any threat to its security and defence. It is quite understood that Pakistan is in no position to match every Indian move aimed at sharpening its conventional capabilities but it has every right to exercise every option to defend itself. Pakistan should once again approach influential members of the international community as well as UN sensitizing them about designs of India and at the same time remain vigilant to respond in kind in case of any aggression.
Source: https://pakobserver.net/modis-war-mongering/

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