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UNSC On Kashmir | Editorial

While the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) held a meeting on Wednesday to review the situation in the India-occupied Kashmir, twenty-four hours later, India’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawa was suggesting a sinister scheme to cull the freedom spirit in young Kashmiris. He said, “Today, we see that young children are also being radicalised. They need to be identified and then we need to put them in de-radicalisation camps.” Such statements make it more urgent for the UN, in general, and the UNSC, in particular, to take concrete actions to stop India’s human rights violations in the region.
Furthermore, the matter should not end with this. It is about time for the world body to find a solution for the Kashmir conflict according to the UN resolutions and popular will of the Kashmiri people. Modi’s aggressive policies and Pakistan’s powerful advocacy has made Kashmir once again a matter of international concern; Pakistan must continue presenting the case of Kashmir on every forum.
However, doing this much does not mean that Islamabad’s done its job. Pakistan’s leadership must make Kashmir as an integral part of building its relations with other countries. To this day, Pakistan has succeeded in convincing some countries in this regard. Malaysia is one such example that supports Pakistan on Kashmir despite India’s effective ban on imports of refined palm oil from Malaysia. The point here is that Islamabad must convince, at least a critical number if not all countries to take a moral stance against India’s immoral, illegal occupation of and continued brutalities in the valley of Kashmir.
It is encouraging witnessing the UNSC’s discussions on Kashmir situation. And the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan Imran Khan rightly points out that the UNSC meeting on Kashmir reflects the seriousness of the regional situation. However, the UNSC must not limit the Kashmir situation to close room deliberations. The fierce urgency of now demands from the UNSC to take some concrete measures against Modi’s India, which is undermining the peace and stability of the region.
Unable to take actions against Modi’s India will mean the UN has failed to perform its principal responsibility: saving the future generations from the scourge of wars. The UNSC’s permanent members must let go off their narrow interests for once to stop India from its illegal actions in the vale of Kashmir and heightened aggressiveness against Pakistan. Otherwise, the continued policy of appeasement by the UNSC members will take its toll on humanity.
Source: https://nation.com.pk/17-Jan-2020/unsc-on-kashmir

January 17, 2020
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